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Appraiser Qualifications
Edward N. Okil
(Senior Certified Appraiser - National Institute of Appraisers)


2004- appointed to Los Angeles Superior Court Panel of Experts

41 years in fine arts

11 years as a private dealer in fine arts and as a gallery owner

26 years in fine art appraisals (valuation experience with insurance, estate dissolution, liquidation, loan collateralization and I.R.S. donations)

6 years as the Director - National Institute of Appraisers

14 years as the Executive Director - National Institute of Appraisers

4 years (2 terms) as the Executive Director - American Fine Arts Council

23 years lecturing to museums, universities, insurance companies, art associations, galleries, attorney groups, probate referees, estate planners and private collectors

19 years authoring and producing articles, training manuals and videos

13 years of expert witness testimony, litigation consultation and arbitration for insurance claims

4 years as a member of the Fine Arts Committee - University of Judaism


Study in art and valuation courses (1964-1972)

Annual attendance at seminars, meetings and forums in appraising techniques (nationwide)

Participation and completion of education courses regarding appraisal methodology related to Resolution Trust Corporation and Internal Revenue Service requirements, corporate Liquidation, bankruptcy, insurance and insurance claims, trial expert and expert witness testimony.

Recertification by the National Institute of Appraisers (every 5 years)


Member of the New England Appraisers Association.
ICAI (International Center for Art Intelligence), a not for profit organization composed of international scientific and art professionals who are dedicated to research into problems of art history, art materials, techniques, and methods for analyzing and study works of art.

Publications (partial list)

Looking at Sculpture for America Fine Arts Council (1986)

The Framing and Care of Works of Art on Paper for America Fine Arts Council newsletter (1987)

(Advertising and Promotion article) for Decor Magazine (1987). (won "Decor Magazine Award of Excellence")

Understanding California Civil Codes 1740-1745 Pertaining to the Sale of Graphics and Multiples for American Fine Arts Council newsletter (1988)

Original Graphics - a History and Glossary of Terms for American Fine Arts Council newsletter (1988)

Art Training Manual (300 page) for Martin Lawrence Limited Editions (1989 national chain of art galleries)

Brushstrokes (monthly art newsletter) for martin Lawrence limited Editions (1989-1991)

Art Affairs (quarterly articles for Graphically Speaking) for Martin Lawrence Limited Editions newsletter (1989-1991)

Graphic Techniques from Aqua-tint to Wood Engraving for American Fine Arts Council (1990)

The 25 Major 20th Century Schools of Art for Martin Lawrence Limited Editions (1990)

Plain talk About Serigraphs for Martin Lawrence Limited Editions (1990)

Artfacts on Appraisals for Art Frame Today (1991)

How to Choose a Restorer or Conservator (Art Services Hotline) 1992)

How to Choose a Fine Art or Collectibles Appraiser (Art Services Hotline (1992)

How to Prevent Damage to Fine Art (Art Services Hotline) (1992)

Guidelines of Transportation and Storage of Fine Collectibles (Art Services Hotline) (1992)

Appraisals for Professional Picture Framers Association newsletter (1992)

Appraisals, Donations - An Update for Works gallery newsletter (1992)

Standardizing Appraisals for Insurance Journal (1992)

Art Collection Management - Pepperdine University (1993)

Appraisals - A Producer's Guide for Merit News Insurance Journal (1993)

Understanding the IRS Requirements for Donations of Appreciated Assets for National Institute of Appraisers (1993)

Appraisals & Proper Documentation for Underwriter's Report (1993)


The Making of a Serigraph (written and produced) for Martin Lawrence Limited Editions (1990)

The Art of Linnea Pergola (written and produced) for Martin Lawrence Limited Editions (1990)

The Art of Lorna Patrick (written and produced) for Martin Lawrence Limited Editions (1990)

The Art of Frederick Prescott (written and produced) for Martin Lawrence Limited Editions (1990)

Listings as Expert

Expert Resources Journal

California Bar Association

Forensic Expert Advisers, Inc.

(Regularly recommended by dozens of museums, insurance companies and more that 400 galleries, framing companies, conservationists and restorers)

Lectures & Seminars (partial list)

Brandeis National Women's Committee (Newport Beach 1984-1988)

Brandeis National Women's Committee (Los Angeles 1985-1987)

Brandeis National Women's Committee (Walnut Creek 1988)

International Facilities Manager's Association (I.F.M.A.) (1987)

Los Angeles Art Dealers Association (1991)

University of Judaism (1991)

Front Street Arts Festival (San Francisco 1991)

Professional Picture Framers Association (P.P.F.A.) (7 Individual regional western division chapters 1991-1992)

Professional Picture Framers Association (P.P.F.A.) (several chapters throughout California 1991-1993)

Professional Picture Framers Association (P.P.F.A.) National Convention - San Jose 1992)

Professional Insurance Agents Association (P.I.A.) (1992)

American Society of Interior Designers (A.S.I.D.) ("Westweek" 1992)

Independent Insurance Agent Brokers (1992-1993)

California Probate Referees State Convention (1993)

Institute of Business designers (I.B.D.) (1993)

Managing Your Personal Art Collection (Pepperdine University 1993)

Managing Your Personal Art Collection (Laguna Beach Art Museum 1995)

Managing Your Personal Art Collection (Palm Springs Museum of Art 1995)

"Scientific Detection of Fakery in Art" , a seminar for SPIE (International Society for Optical Engineering_ - Boston, Mass 1999

"Conservation, Restoration, Authenticity" International Art Fair - Palm Springs, California, 2000

Authenticity in the Art World - Tucson Museum of Art, 2007

Governmental Agency Clients (partial list)

Resolution Trust Corporation, Drug Enforcement Agency, and The United States Marshall's Office

Corporate Clients (partial list)


University of California
Allstate Insurance
City of Monterey
Great Western Bank
Lord, Bissell & Brook
National Center for State Courts
Sizzler Corporation
United Postal Service
William Morris Agency

Blue Cross of Souther California
Commercial Acceptance Ins. Co.
Lloyds of London
Marina Hilton
Safeco Insurance
State Farm Insurance
Weider Health & Fitness Corporation
Sulmeyer, Kupetz, Baumann

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