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  1. An NIA Certified Appraisal is a comprehensive survey and analysis of the sale and acquisitions of comparable items in the national, international, primary, secondary and auction markets, and is USPAP compliant.

  2. An NIA Certified Appraisal for even a single work of art is a comprehensive 8 page document.

  3. All NIA Certified Appraisals contain a summary of factors on which the appraisal is based and include a statement of qualifications of the Senior Appraiser who researched and certified the assigned values.

  4. All NIA Certified Appraisals contain the following data:

A. Purpose of appraisal
B. Date of appraisal
C. Artist name
D. Title of work or descriptive title
E. Media of work
F. Artist signature information
G. Date of work, if known
H. Condition of work
I. Edition size information
J. Dimensions of work
K. Basis of evaluation
   1. Valuation comparables
   2. Valuation conclusion
L. Provenance on items valued over $15,000.00 and history of  exhibitions, if known
M. Appraised value
N. Color photo of each item

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